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Moving a house or an office is always hectic and laborious for everyone. Moreover, most people are very conscious about their delicate stuff. So, for making your moving experience easy and comfortable you need to choose the best moving and packing services. You can reduce your tension of moving when there is a professional team working behind you. An experienced team can assure you of the good quality of services. Furthermore, a good team helps you in saving your material from breakage by packing and moving properly.

But the question is; where can you find the right Movers and Packers in Dubai?

There are few indicators that can help you in choosing the best removal services for your stuff.

The indicators are

  • Reasonable rates
  • Work experience of the company
  • Experienced staff members
  • Trucks quality
  • Aware of locations


Reasonable Rates

Many companies are offering their services at very cheap rates. Moreover, they offer many incentives and sales but you must be aware that this is just a fraud. Hence, the company you choose for the services must be realistic. The prices of the services should not be higher or cheap but there should be realistic prices. Movers and packers in Dubai have very reasonable rates for their services.


Work experience of the company

Before selecting any company you must go through its background. You should check its prior work for your satisfaction. We have thousands of satisfied customers who always prefer us for the moving and packing services. Therefore, you can find the trustworthy here.


Experienced staff members

Human is the most important asset of every company so the staff must be experienced and well trained. We have special pieces of training for packing and moving your commodities. In addition to this, we conduct tests on our employees. Our customers are valuable to us and so we care about them and their needs.

Trucks quality

In the business of moving and packing trucks are of immense importance as they carry things from one place to another. This is not only about things. People usually have emotional attachments with their things so we really care about their feeling. Movers and Packers in Dubai have the best trucks for the delivery of your stuff. In our trucks, we carefully place your delicate belongings so that they remain safe and sound.


Aware of locations

You must check that whether the company you are contacting is aware of all locations to avoid inconvenience. If the staff is not aware of the exact location it will waste your precious time . Moreover, you will face lots of stress because of this stress. And if you are looking for Movers and Packers in Dubai Marina Therefore, selecting a reliable company for moving services needs proper care to avoid any unpleasant situations.



If you are looking for the best company for packing and moving for any big furniture like sofas, beds, dining table, Machines, dressing table, cupboards, fans and everything you want to move, you should choose Movers and Packers in Dubai for the best services.



Moving your house or office? Need any help? Then what are you waiting for? Call us now for consultancy, estimate, and shifting services. We will assist you whether you are moving from one street to another or any corner of the city. Moving Services Company in Dubai are providing the best moving services all over Dubai. You can contact us for knowing how we are working differently from others.

Our Services Your Plans

We work on your terms and conditions. If you want to act us on your plan we will be working on that. Otherwise, we will give your our plan. The professional of our moving company will work on your desired timeline. You can give us your budget and you will get all the required services in your budget. So, do not feel hesitation in calling us. You can call us for more information.

Our Working 

Our plans include every point from the packing of your household item to their unloading. Moving Services Company in Dubai have different packages according to the need of the customers. You can call us and our professionals will guide you on which package do you want to choose for shifting. If you do not like to pick any of the existing packages we will provide you a customized package according to your need. Think about what you want for moving services and we will act on that.


We offer moving services of following

  • Moving and packing of Household items
  • Moving of Offices
  • Packing and moving of schools


We are thankful to our amazing customers who always give us positive feedback and remain loyal to us. All our customers choose us for the best moving services all over Dubai and we help them with whatever they want.

Moving and packing of Household items

Your household items need handling with much care. Therefore, we have trained our workers for packing properly, and then loading and unloading all things with much care. We have a separate department that works on the packing stuff. We use the best material for packing according to the need of the item. Moreover, our clients can choose the packing material by themselves. Our workers are efficient enough to pack properly and quickly.


Moving of Offices

Do you want to move your office from one city to another but feel uncomfortable because of heavy furniture and cupboards? No worries we can do packing and moving of all the items safely. Moving Services Company in Dubai is offering you the packing of everything at very economical rates. So, do not feel hesitate just move freely without any burden. We will carry your entire burden for you.


Packing and Moving Schools

Schools are considered as the most difficult for shifting because of the large number of heavy furniture.

There are hundreds of chairs, tables, desks, cupboards, boards, etc. we work in packing and timely shifting all the stuff to any place in Dubai as per client’s requirements.



Dubai is a dreamland where everyone wants to owe a land, a home. Sometimes people might not be happy with their current location even though if it is Dubai and looking forward to move their house to an area which can meet their criteria of living a standard life. Shifting your house is not an easy job. Packing of your fragile items like pottery, frames, pots their loading and unloading is very tuff.

How do we help?

House shifting services in Dubai will perform all these tasks with their best services which will make this very tuff job piece of a cake. We offer our very reliable and trusted services. We provide you with our expert workers who have been performing this job for years. These workers have gained trust of people by showing efficiency in their work. Our workers handle your items with care. We pack your items in cartons secured with finest quality tape. Large items are carried by two or more workers to make sure there is no damage caused during its unloading.

What is our method of shifting?

Firstly, large items are carried. Secondly, wooden and items which need little care are carried and at last all your fragile and delicate items are carried to truck safety compartments to ensure their safety. House shifting services in Dubai ties your large items like fridge, beds, couches close to each other so that they can prevent any damage during traveling in case of any bumps or pits. We make sure all your items are delivered to destination in required time. Our workers work in a very efficient way so that they may avoid any kind of delays.

How do we reach our destination?

We use GPS and navigation system so that we can reach without being lost to our respective destination. Once we reach our destination serves you with their best for unloading and unpacking of your luggage. Once the luggage is unpacked, we collect all of our cartons back into truck to prevent rubbish. We strive to make you happy with our services by working with professionalism and determination. This is one of the reasons why people can rely on us for shifting their houses, apartments, schools and other items.

How do we shift?

Firstly, we made a proper proposal of our working and then star working. We explain our whole plan to the clients in detail.  We always give priority to our client’s opinion and work according to their instructions. House shifting services in Dubai always ask their customers for their feedback so they could analyze if the clients are face any problems during shifting or at any point, we could make sure to fix that issue for our other customers. If any of our clients suggest any improvements in our working methods, we highly appreciate that and try to adopt their suggestions.


Are you currently living in Dubai? Are you happy with your current location or want to move to some other area of Dubai? The Best Movers in Dubai and Ajman are well known for their professional attitude and reliable services. We provide safe services all over Dubai and Ajman. The Dubai is considered as the business hub as there are many successful companies are working in different dimensions. People are providing the best services to their customers. Therefore, there is stiff competition in every field. Businesses are trying innovative ways to attract customers. Moreover, every business works hard to retain its clients.

The Best Movers in Dubai and Ajman is a successful company dealing in shifting and moving. We are serving those who want to move their homes, offices, schools, restaurants, etc. Our professional workers can work under pressure and can complete their work before the due date. The reliability of a company can be checked by the customer’s number and their reviews. In our case, we have over 2000+ clients, and all these clients are happy with our services. Our company is renowned for its trustworthy workers who are expert experts in their field, and they never disappoint their valuable customers. If you ever move your house you can better understand the issues one can face during this hectic process. It is a very easy process if you are lucky enough to choose the right company for your work. A reliable moving company can give you much relief and you will not lose any of your favorite things. We have properly trained people for work who properly pack your belongings, and then forwarded it to the other department.


Secondly, the shifting of your household items is the duty of another department who works in pairs to make sure the safe transfer from home to the truck. Thirdly, the packed items are handover to the truck driver for safe delivery. Our company has hundreds to truck drivers to whom we give them the whole tour to the main cities, so that, they could get familiar with the paths to reach their destination. We share every detail with you when one-step is completed. For example, when the packing of your household items is completed our workers inform you fully. Clients have the access to track their orders and suggest any changes. Our respected clients can choose to ask for any changes in their plan before the dispatch of their items. The Best Movers in Dubai and Ajman is one of the wells recognizes, reliable, and cost-friendly moving companies in Dubai. In addition to this, we have expanded our services in Ajman as well. So, if you ever plan to shift your apartment, office, school restaurant, etc. you can contact us for availing the finest moving and shifting services in Dubai and Ajman. Contact us for further details on moving and shifting our professionals will guide you properly for shifting your homes.


When the question is about the Best movers and packers in the UAE we have always been number one because we care for our customers. This thing makes our work most trusted and reliable. We always want to do our best for our clients to maintain our status of being number one.  It always takes time to gain that trust. We have strived for years to achieve this position therefore; we cannot afford to lose it. Thus we are even more concerned about our services than before. Moreover, everyone deserves the best so, we should provide the best services to all the clients because they pay us for that. A company must focus on providing the best services and make the customers comfortable.

For providing the number one shifting services we work on the following things

  • Staff training
  • Best trucks provision
  • Alternate roots


sunny best movers and packer

Staff Training


People are the most important in every organization so we invest more in them. Best movers and packers in UAE arrange training of our workers after every four months. In this training, we check their previous knowledge about shifting and teach them the new and creative methods for doing their work. We use modern-day techniques because these techniques help us to do work fast and effectively in less time. We also use high-quality packing material once an item is packed it can only be opened with special equipment. Our trucks are having safety compartments to take care of items that need extra care like glass, ceramic, etc. We aim to see simile on the faces of our clients and relief after moving of their items. We understand this is a hectic process and it needs extra care to carry out this process safely without any damage.You can also find Movers and Packers in Dubai Marina.

Best Trucks provision


Trucks are of immense importance as the household items are shift through the trucks so we use the best quality trucks for shifting. Trucks have the capability of saving the material on rough services. Our trucks can carry delicate materials like glass cutlery, glass tables, decoration pieces, mirrors, and other delicate machines. All are trucks used for shifting are new and fast so they not only save time but also assure the safe delivery of all items with much care. We have backup plans in case of a tire burst. Every time we send our trucks to carry the household item we properly check all the tires and all other necessary things. However, for emergencies, we have 2 extra tires in our trucks and a fully equipped toolbox that might be required.

Alternate roots


Our workers are well aware of all the places of the UAE, so they use the shortest way for shifting. The truck drivers are familiar with all the cities and roads, so if they ever find any blockage in their route they can easily use the other route. Therefore we never delay the delivery of items and thus never disappoint our dearest customers.







Several companies are working for packing and moving, relocation, and goods transportation but very few are reliable. Professional Movers and Packers in Dubai have gained its fame in winning the trust of people through their reliable and quality services throughout these years. We are famous for our following services like

  • Best Packing services
  • Safe loading
  • Safest transfer
  • Easy unloading
  • Proper unpacking


 Best Packing Services

Our highly professional staff is trained well for the best and safe packing and unpacking of household items. Firstly, we categorize your household items. Secondly, we chose packing material on basis of categories. Thirdly, we pack your items in the best and safe way. Once it’s packed it is ready to be loaded in a truck through our workers’ extensive care. Generally, we divide things into categories.

  • Wooden material
  • Big material (refrigerator, oven, washing machine, etc.)
  • Delicate Material(glass material, ceramic material)



We are available anywhere in Dubai 24/7. Professional Movers and Packers in Dubai ensure the safety of your items. If any damage is caused to your items because of our mishandling we would be liable to pay the amount of damage caused.

Professional sunny movers and packers in dubai



 Safe loading


Safe loading is one of our expertises. Our employees know how to carry items from your house to the truck. Our employees are specially trained to carry the material from a place to another. Professional Movers and Packers in Dubai offer you safe loading. All the heavy material is carried by two workers to balance it properly without dropping it down; hence no damage is ever caused during loading.


Safe Transfer

We have safes inside our truck for the safety of delicate material. We properly your material that is completely balanced so in case of any bumps our pits no harm is done to the items. Therefore, we never face any damage to any kind of item. Our drivers are familiar with all routes in Dubai, just in case if they do not we have installed GPS in our trucks.


Easy unloading

Our workers are not only concerned about safe loading but also are care about proper unloading of your items. Required workers carry items out of the truck carefully. Then carry it to the inside of the house. Your precious material like refrigerator, oven, and beds glass frames, glass pots, and décor pieces are brought with two men with special care to ensure its safety.


Proper unpacking

Once all items are loaded off safely in the house, workers start unpacking the items. All the items are unpacked in the same manner as it was packed. Household items are unpacked category wise Firstly, there is the unpacking of wooden material then the material bigger in size is un-packed, and at last, the most delicate items are unpacked. Our duty ends here.

Our workers work professionally, so there has never been a complaint of being unprofessional, rude not properly doing work. They always serve with their best in the minimum time. That is why people can trust us and rely on us.

Sunny Movers LLC Dubai

Sunny Movers LLC is a registered company in Dubai. We have Professional team members with more then 10 years of experience. We provide you the best moving and packing services across UAE.

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